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Outchart Suite

Supply-Side Platform and free API for external integrations

  • Supports direct deals and RTB auction. Compliant with the world's
    RTB standards.
  • Single solution to get listed on the most active DSPs and PMPs.
  • No setup fee
  • Free technical support
  • RESTful API for 3rd party integrations
  • We charge you only when someone advertises on your screen

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Outchart Suite Pro

High-tech tool to boost your Revenues

Digital Signage Player

  • Your current software doesn’t fit for programmatic use? No worries. We have the right one.
  • Easy to install and use. Flexible and reliable. Works on Windows and Android.

Inventory Management

  • Need a tool to control your prices and audience metrics?  That’s what our IMP does.
  • Mediate your Direct Sales and Programmatic demand. Visualize your saturation reports.
  • Works for both Digital and Static signs.

Campaign Management

  • No more spreadsheets and dozens of emails to start a campaign.
  • Outchart Suite PRO gives you an in-house trading desk for planning, booking, and launching ad campaigns with audience targeting.
  • Managing and moderating campaigns and creatives online with user friendly dashboards.
  • Online campaign reports that you can share with your clients.
  • User roles to manage your team work.

Analytics and Measurement

  • Enhance your audience data with 3rd party data providers and Outchart technologies.
  • Get aggregated audience reports and reach & frequency measurement per DOOH ad campaign.
  • Outchart offers mobile and visual solutions for real-time and near real-time measurement and retargeting.

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